Yagi (八木 Yagi?), or alternatively known as Former Teammate (元チームメイト Moto Chīmumeito?) in the anime, is a minor character in the Anima Yell! series.


A current member of Hizume and Kana's former cheer team, Yagi is a high school student and a dedicated cheerleader since the age of five. While growing up, she was determined to become a professional cheerleader, but her coach and her parents disparaged her efforts towards an "unlikely" dream. Yagi would join the same cheer team that Hizume was performing in middle school. However, she became envious of Hizume's talents, who surpassed her own cheer ability in such little time. Along with the other teammates at the time, Yagi would bully Hizume for being too "special," causing Hizume to quit the team.

After meeting both Kohane and Uki for the first time during their second summer training camp, Yagi admits that she no longer holds a grudge against Hizume, and thanks the girls for helping Hizume continue cheer again.


  • Although she makes a quick, single-panel appearance early in the manga series, Yagi was officially introduced in the anime. Her character was developed fully later in the manga and was given a name.
  • In the manga, Yagi does not meet with Hizume during the cheer tournament. Instead, she only witnesses the Cheer Club perform their tournament routine.
  • The word Yagi means "goat" in Japanese.
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