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Kotetsu Tatejima (舘島 虎徹 Tatejima Kotetsu?) is a prominent character in the Anima Yell! series.

Official Description

Despite her appearance, Kotetsu can be incredibly blunt in conversation. A high-school student, Kotetsu is often sensitive about her weight and her masculine-sounding name.[2]


Kotetsu has short, brownish hair, with a ribbon tied in the back forming a small bun. A single tooth can sometimes be visible in the top of her mouth during moments of panic.


Kotetsu is a first-year student and a classmate of Kohane and Uki.

Although she was initially interested in joining the Cheer Association as a beginner, Kotetsu had lacked the confidence to do so, especially with the potential embarrassment of performing in front of others.[3] But after receiving an invitation to watch the girls perform at the Basketball Club's exhibition match, Kotetsu was so impressed with their performance that she immediately signed Kohane's application to join.[4] Her stunt position is secondary base, alongside Hizume, who is a main base.

Timid and soft-spoken, Kotetsu is generally kind towards others and will feel guilty if she creates hardship for someone.[5] However, Kotetsu will sometimes lack a filter during a conversation, and will inadvertently blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, creating a tense, uncomfortable atmosphere around her.[6][7] And due to her innate lack of confidence, Kotetsu will occasionally suffer from intense panic attacks.[8]

Kotetsu is very touchy about her weight and is often prone to overeating. She will occasionally do whatever it takes to slim down, such as using shoddy exercise equipment, skipping meals, and staying up another two hours if she accidentally eats right before bedtime.[9][10] In addition to her weight, Kotetsu has a complex regarding her strong, masculine first name. Much to Kotetsu's dismay, Kohane had forced the nickname "Kotecchan" onto her after joining the Cheer Association.[11]

One of Kotetsu's hobbies is playing the piano. Unable to practice at home, Kotetsu will occasionally play in the old music room at school.[12] She is also close friends with fellow classmate and Home Economics Club member, Kon, who gave Kotetsu the nickname Kocchi.[13]

Kirara Fantasia

Kotetsu was added as a playable character in Hobunsha's Kirara Fantasia mobile game on January 9, 2019.[14]


"This was my first major role for a Kirara anime series. The recording sessions are so much fun and I just can't wait to watch the show when it airs! Kotecchan - let's call her that from here on! - is both a gentle and timid girl who lacks confidence in herself, and also a girl who mercilessly speaks whatever is on her mind. Playing her character and spending time deciding, 'now how should I play this line?' was a delightful experience! Kotecchan and I kind of share that same low confidence, and in my performance I manage to cheer myself back into regaining that confidence, just like Kotecchan did. So with all our hard work, please check out the anime! Thank you for having me."
-Tomori Kusunoki, the voice of Kotetsu.[15]


  • Her first name is considered very masculine, and can be translated as piercing tiger. The word "Kotetsu" is also associated with swords and weaponry, after the influence of the Edo-period swordsmaker, Nagasone Kotetsu.
  • Kotetsu's written and spoken full name can also carry the meaning of tiger stripes (虎の縦縞 Tora no Tatejima?).



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