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The following is a timeline of events in the Anima Yell! series.


An asterisk(*) represents a continuation in sequence, while brackets([]) indicate sequence breaks in the anime version. The months in the timeline are based on events in the manga, as well as some conjecture. The history spans the chapters published between the April 2016 and October 2020 issues of Manga Time Kirara Carat.

Chapter Description Timeline Anime Episode
1 Kohane decides to start her own cheer club. (Year 1) April 1
2 Kohane pressures Hizume into helping her start up the Cheer Club. * *
3 After Kohane performs a dangerous stunt, Hizume finally agrees to join her. * *
4 Under Hizume's guidance, Kohane begins physical training as a cheerleader. * 2
5 Hizume alters Kohane's training towards making pom-poms. * *
6 Kohane and Hizume attempt to sway Uki into joining them as a cheerleader. * *
7 Kohane undertakes academically rigorous training by Hizume. May 3
8 Ms. Inukai helps the girls form a school association. * *
9 The Cheer Association is formed and Kotetsu's friend, Kon, requests their assistance. * *
10 The Cheer Association prepares for their first cheer performance and attempt to recruit Kotetsu. * 4
11 The girls perform as support the Basketball Club. Kotetsu finally joins the Cheer Association. * *
12 Kotetsu receives a welcoming party from the Cheer Association. * 5
13 The Cheer Association assist the Home Economics Club. June [1] *
14 Hizume assigns the girls stunt roles and attempt to perform their first stunt. * 6
15 The Cheer Association performs at a local community event. * *
16 Kotetsu attempts to lose weight in order relieve Kohane from being a flyer. * 7
17 The girls visit a cheerleader shop in the city and Hizume gets advice on how to be more approachable. * *
18 The Cheer Association supports Akane's elementary school soccer team, the Victories. * [9]
19 The girls are suddenly stalked by Hizume's former teammate. July [8]
20 Kana substitutes for Uki during the Cheer Association's second performance for the Basketball Club. * *
21 After Kana joins the Association, Kohane and the others decide to establish the Cheer Club. * [9]
22 The Cheer Club assists the Manga Club. * 10
23 The girls prepare for the cheer tournament and train at a seaside dojo. * *
24 While still training at the dojo, the girls prepare to perform at the Summer Festival. * 11
25 Everyone except Hizume are working as part-timers at a coffee shop. August *
26 Kohane and the others encounter the Nekoya twins at the cheer shop. * *
27 The Cheer Club arrives at the arena for the cheer competition and begin rehearsal. * 12
28 The competition continues as Kohane and the others perform as Entry #16. * *
29 Kohane and Uki invite the rest of the Cheer Club to Uki's house to relax and reminisce. *
30 The girls attempt to cheer Ms. Inukai up after being forced to lead the entire Sports Festival Committee. September
31 The Cheer Club is in charge of organizing a cheer battle for the sports festival. *
32 Kohane and the others participate in the sports festival, and then commence the cheer battle. *
33 The Cheer Club assists Washio of the Newspaper Club. *
34 The Victories request the assistance of the Cheer Club for another game. *
35 Kohane and the others perform at the culture festival. October [1]
36 The Cheer Club visit a bathhouse. *
37 The girls spy on Basketball Sempai and the Home Economics Club president. November
38 The girls meet a little girl named Alice and help perform a stunt after losing a bet with her cheerleader friends. *
39 The girls celebrate New Years at the shrine. (Year 2)


40 Kohane and Kotetsu help Kon make Valentine's Day chocolates. February
41 Kajiki, the new president of the Basketball Club, requests the Cheer Club to perform at their next game. March
42 After witnessing the Basketball Club lose a game, Kohane loses confidence in her ability to help others. *
43 The girls are now second-year students and are ready to recruit incoming students with a cheer performance. April
44 ? ?
45 ? ?
46 Uki and the others hear strange noises around the club and believe they are being stalked again by another girl. May
47 The girls meet Towa, the daughter of a cheerleader and an aspiring manga artist. *
48 After recruiting Towa, the Cheer Club is requested to help the student council decide on a new vice president. June [1]
49 As the girls prepare for their next cheer tournament at the dojo, Kohane and Uki encounter Yagi, Hizume's former teammate. July [2]
50 The six perform at the Summer Festival and Hizume unexpectedly reunites with Yagi. *
51 When pairings are decided by straws, Kana begrudgingly practices her tumbling routines with Kohane. *
52 Alice invites the girls to cheer up her friend, Ako, in the hospital. July 12
53 ? ?
54 ? ?
55 ? ?
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