This is the second prologue to the Anima Yell! manga.


Kotetsu Tatejima is being given a physical test by Hizume in order to assess her physical abilities and specialties for the Cheer Association. Kohane, thinking she has improved since Hizume first tested her, volunteers to take the test alongside Kotetsu. Both attempt the 50-meter dash, the high jump, the vertical jump, and softball throwing. Despite her excellent form during the exercises, Kotetsu's actual performance is seemingly lackluster, and when Hizume presses Kotetsu to continue the final half of her test, Kotetsu simply gives up.

Hizume postpones the rest of Kotetsu's test, but immediately orders her to take off her clothing in order to measure Kotetsu's size for her cheer uniform. When Kotetsu refuses, Hizume pressures Kotetsu by threatening to show her the results of the physical test. Kohane tries to convince Kotetsu by telling her that cheer uniforms not only "lighten" the heart, but also the body as well. Kohane attributes this effect to "cheer power", which frightens Uki to think that such energy can directly affect the body.

The weight-conscious Kotetsu quickly gives in, and removes her clothing to have her measurements taken. They eventually create a well-made cheer outfit for Kotetsu, despite it being physically impossible for an outfit to automatically make her lose weight.



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