This is the first prologue to the Anima Yell! manga.


Middle-school student, Uki Sawatari, is strolling through the park one day, and spots her childhood friend, Kohane Hatoya, sitting at a nearby bench. Badly bruised from head to toe, she also sees Uki and happily waves to her. Uki rushes to Kohane and tends to her wounds, knowing this is not the first time something like this happened. Uki hates the idea of her friend always getting hurt, and reminds Kohane that next year they are going to be in high school.

Kohane, who is often described by Uki as a scatterbrain, has a tendency to put the needs of other people over her own. Always happy to lend a helping hand to a stranger, Kohane would sometimes rush into dangerous situations without thinking about the consequences. Earlier, she took it upon herself to help a little girl get her ball from across a fenced canal, eventually ending up with the scrapes and bruises she has on now.

Uki pleads with Kohane to take better care of herself and to try to look out for her own safety as well. Kohane, being someone who cares about others, and knowing how much this would mean to her friend, pledges to Uki that she will be more careful from now on.

Three days later, however, Kohane gets herself hurt again, having completely forgotten what she had promised to Uki. Subsequently, she received safety pads and a safety helmet as a birthday present that same year.


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