Suzuko Nekoya (根古屋 鈴子 Nekoya Suzuko?) is a minor character in the Anima Yell! series.


Suzuko has long twin-tails, with bangs that are swept to the left.


Suzuko is the twin sister of Tamako and a member of the community cheer team. Unlike Hizume and Kana, who both quit the team in junior high, Tamako and Suzuko continued to perform and are now placed in its high school team.

Hizume reunites with the Nekoya twins while visiting the cheer shop. Although Hizume vaguely remembers being impressed with their synchronization as cheerleaders, the reality was that the twins were constantly disregarding the team. Suzuko and her sister were inspired by Hizume's early attitude towards cheerleading, having fun only for the benefit of themselves and often hogging the limelight with their own cheers.

Both Suzuko and her sister are, by and large, condescending and somewhat callous to the feelings of others. They bluntly tell Hizume about the damage she caused by quitting the team, but with everyone now working towards solidarity, a disaster that she caused had somehow turned into a blessing. In addition, having remembered Kana's fixation with Hizume in junior high, they were not afraid to remind Kana that she never changed at all.

Eventually, the twins reveal that they and everyone in the community cheer team have entered the cheer competition as well, creating anxiety for Hizume, who had voluntarily left her old teammates behind. After seeing the Cheer Club perform during the preliminaries, however, Suzuko and her sister have a slight change of heart, and had come to realize the importance of working together not just as twins, but as an entire team.


  • Given the twins' personalities and the theme of using animal words in names, Suzuko's spoken last name implies her character as being "cat-like".
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