Kano Momijiya (紅葉谷鹿乃 Momijiya Kano?) is a minor character in the Anima Yell! series.


Prior to her graduation, Kano was in charge of running the Home Economics Club at Kaminoki High School.

Kano requested the assistance of the Cheer Association through the recommendation of fellow club member, Kon Akitsune, and asked Kohane and the others if they could help create menus for an upcoming cooking contest for their school.[1]

Congenial and easygoing, the president of the Home Economics Club is very skilled in cooking, and considers everything they do both fun and necessary training for becoming a future wife.[2]

She is close friends with Shiona Kujirai of the Basketball Club.


  • Her first name contains the character for "deer" (鹿 shika).


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