Shiona Kujirai (鯨井汐凪 Kujirai Shiona?), or alternatively known by her nickname Basketball Sempai (バスケ先輩 Basuke Senpai?), is a supporting character in the Anima Yell! series.


Somewhat of a tomboy, Shiona has fairly short blue hair and is often seen wearing her basketball uniform. She has a tendency to break out in a cold sweat due to her shyness.


Shiona is a third-year student at Kaminoki High School, and the president of its Basketball Club. Prior to revealing her actual name to the girls, Shiona was referred to as "Basketball Sempai," a nickname given to her by Kohane.

She first met the Kohane and the others when they accidentally assembled during one of the Basketball Club's practice sessions in the gym.[1] Finding out eventually that the Cheer Association was taking cheer requests, Shiona would ask the girls if they could help support them as they play against a rival basketball club.[2] Impressed with their performance, she and the Basketball Club would later invite them to perform during their prefectural game.[3]

Although Shiona is a skilled basketball player, having led her team to the prefectural level, she is prone to shyness. Instead of directly thanking the girls for their help, she had secretly asked the Home Economics Club to make them a "thank you" meal.[4]

She, along with the Home Economics Club president, were among those in the audience supporting the Cheer Club as they performed during the cheer competition.


  • Although not explicitly mentioned in the manga, Shiona is friends with the president of the Home Economics Club in the anime, with both of them being third-year students.[5]
  • Her last name has the character for whale (鯨 kujira).



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