Kaminoki High School (神ノ木高校 Kaminoki Kōkō?) is the primary setting of the Anima Yell! series.


Kaminoki is an all-girls high school attended by Kohane and the others. It follows the standard Japanese school year, which begins in April and ends in March, along with short breaks in the spring and winter, and a long break during the summer.

In addition to providing the best education possible for its students, Kaminoki boasts a plethora of clubs and activities, both culturally-based and athletic. The latter is provided by a gym and a spacious outdoor area, while the former can be benefited from the use of Kaminoki's newly built audio-visual room and music room. A sports festival is also held after the summer break.

Students at Kaminoki High are also given additional freedom to thrive outside of their school work. Part-time jobs are allowed for students provided they have permission from their homeroom teacher.


Most student activities and budget distributions are handled by the Kaminoki High School student council. Clubs must submit a proposal to the student council before undertaking any major club activity.

The following is the hierarchy of the student council:




Among the student-led groups that Kaminoki offers, an association is perhaps the simplest to form. Requiring just three student members, an association can hold limited power throughout the school, such as the ability to reserve locations to meet and the ability to advertise their group.


Clubs require five members. Unlike an association, a club can also have its own dedicated room, a budget allocated for each school term, and an advisor. A student president is also required to lead the club.

School Uniform

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