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Ms. Inukai (犬養先生 Inukai Sensei?) is a supporting character in the Anima Yell! series.

Official Description

Ms. Inukai is Kohane's homeroom teacher and the advisor to the Cheer Club. She was once known as "Creative Dancer Inukai".[2]


Inukai has relatively short, silverish-purple hair, usually tied to a pigtail on one side. She is almost never seen without her glasses, which is often concealed on one side by her hair. And despite Inukai's sensitivity to her age, she still manages to retain a somewhat youthful face.


A member of Kaminoki High's faculty, Ms. Inukai is both a math instructor and the homeroom teacher for the students in Class 1-2, which includes Kohane, Uki, and Kotetsu. She was instrumental in helping the girls form the Cheer Association, having suggested the idea and helping sign their official paperwork.[3]

An adult close to her thirties, Inukai possesses an immature if not eccentric personality. Knowing first-hand about Kohane's lackluster academic performance, Inukai will occasionally talk down on her, calling her a "bird brain".[4] She might also attempt to ditch the girls whenever she detects an extremely pressing need coming from them.[5]

For the most part, however, Inukai is generally supportive of her students. She helped vouch for Kotetsu to practice her piano in the school's abandoned music room, where she could not feasibly do it at home.[6] In addition, Inukai continues to show support for the Cheer Association, having attended one of their performances.[7]

Despite refusing to join Kohane's team, preferring instead to "kill herself" than wear a cheer uniform at her age, Inukai is actually an experienced dancer. As revealed by Ms. Kumagai, her childhood friend and colleague, Inukai was well-known in junior high for her creative dance. After Kohane confronts her with this fact, along with the existence of Inukai's filmed performance on DVD, she gives in and becomes the advisor to the Cheer Club.[8] Although a useful asset to the girls, the aging advisor is usually subject to club duties that easily overwhelm her, often becoming exhausted to the point of collapse. These duties include carrying things for the girls and taking them to their destination, handing over CDs to the person in charge of the sound system on stage, and giving the girls advice even when she has very little to say.

Inukai was eventually chosen by the school principal to become the director of the Sports Festival Executive Committee.[9]


  • Her name contains the character for dog ( Inu?).



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