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Towa Inaba (稲葉 兎和 Inaba Towa?) is a prominent character in the Anima Yell! series.

Official Description

Towa is a first-year student and manager of the Cheer Club. While she often appears to be calm and aloof on the surface, Towa is actually dedicated to becoming an otaku-centric manga artist.[1]


While wearing long, peach-colored hair and having red eyes, Towa is a petite girl who often holds an expressionless face, much like Hizume. As an aspiring manga artist, she is most often seen holding a pen and sketchbook.


Towa is a first-year student at Kaminoki High School and an underclassman to Kohane and the others. Her mother is a former cheerleader, and while growing up Towa became so influenced by her that she learned to mimic her cheer routines. Although those close to Towa have encouraged her to take up cheerleading, her real dream was to become a professional manga artist. She wanted nothing to do with cheer, considering it to be something for "smiling, happy" people, which seemingly is the complete antithesis of herself.

Before meeting the girls, Towa had secretly been drawing the Cheer Club members as reference material for her manga. Hizume had earlier witnessed Towa lifting up a girl in perfect cheerleader fashion, and wondered if she would be a good fit for the Cheer Club. But when the girls try to investigate the sudden scratching noises around the club room, they find Towa sitting in the hallway with a sketchbook and pen.[2] They eventually learn more about her and her mother's influence as a cheerleader. When Kohane invites her to dance with them, Towa flawlessly performs every routine. Admiring her skill, the Cheer Club immediately offers Towa to join them as their sixth member.[3]

Kirara Fantasia

A voiced appearance for Towa was introduced on August 27, 2020, where she debuted as a 4-star moon alchemist. Towa's first special ability is called New Reference Stimulation, and her dialogue can be translated as follows:

"The pen really is mightier than the sword... This is really good material. So this is what everyone's talking about... If you don't mind, I would like to use today's stimulation for my drawings."


  • Towa's name contains the character for rabbit ( usagi?).



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