Hizume's Brother (ひづめの兄 Hidume no Ani?) is a minor character in the Anima Yell! series.


The older brother of Hizume. His face is never revealed in the series and is only mentioned whenever Hizume brings him up in conversation.

A university student, his college life consists of a seemingly odd mix of university seminars, part-time jobs, and group dates. His love for high school girls, particularly their school uniforms, marks him as a somewhat eccentric person in Uki's eyes. However, Hizume often takes his words very seriously, cherishing them as sage advice rather than as being completely off-kilter.[1][2]

Hizume's brother is quite skilled in dancing, and when Hizume was little, he would motivate and inspire Hizume to take up cheerleading, despite practicing kendo himself.[3][4]


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