The Cheer Assocaiation, Cheering for Love! (チア同好会、恋の応援 Chia Dōkōkai, Koi no Ōen?) is the third episode of the Anima Yell! anime series.


With Uki now a member of Kohane's fledgling cheer team, the trio would finally go on to establish the Cheer Association. Their fellow classmates, Kon Akitsune and Kotetsu Tatejima, greet the newly-formed association with a sudden cheer request. The actual request, however, would take Kohane and the others completely by surprise...


  • Kohane draws a cheer figure around a portrait of Oda Nobunaga.
  • The voice of the X cheerleader scribble that shouts "Hey!" was provided by Kelvin Barnes, an Australian voice actor.


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