Socks and Summer Camp (靴下と夏合宿 Kutsushita to Natsu Gasshuku?) is the tenth episode of the Anima Yell! anime series.


The president of the Manga Research Club brings the Cheer Club in to watch over them as they scramble to meet their deadline. While eccentric, the artists are nevertheless passionate about their work, and such dedication is something Kohane wished her own club had. Hizume then brings up the possibility of the Cheer Club performing in an upcoming cheer tournament, to which the girls enthusiastically agree to pursue.

When summer vacation arrives, the five girls, along with Ms. Inukai, take residence at a seaside dojo for their summer training camp. While practicing their routines for the tournament - as well as an upcoming festival being held on the beach - Hizume decides that she should be more friendlier to Kana, having felt responsible for creating a "barrier" between her and her former teammate.

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