The Flyer has Acrophobia! (トップは高所恐怖症 Toppu wa Kōsho Kyōfushō?) is the seventh episode of the Anima Yell! anime series.


After learning about Kohane's fear of heights, Kotetsu goes on an immediate crash diet in order to save Kohane from performing any more stunts. While Kotetsu's efforts to lose weight fail, Kohane eventually reveals the reason for her fear of heights, and insists that she continues to perform her duties as the Cheer Association's flyer.

Later, Kohane finds herself making pom-poms, but soon realizes that she had used up all the tape. Hizume recommends that they all go to a cheer shop in the city that weekend to buy more supplies. After their trip, the girls relax at a nearby cafe when Hizume makes a sudden request to the other three. Realizing that she seems distant from her classmates, the always-serious Hizume seeks their advice on how to become more approachable.

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