First Cheer (はじめてのチア Hajimete no Chia?) is the first episode of the Anima Yell! anime series.


Kohane Hatoya is a girl who loves to help others. On the eve of her middle school graduation, Kohane stumbles upon a cheer performance by the riverbed and is instantly smitten. She vows to enter her high school's cheer club, only to learn there never actually was one. Although crestfallen by the discovery, Kohane suddenly has a chance encounter at her new school with Hizume Arima, one of the cheerleaders she saw at the riverbed...


  • Both Kotetsu and Kana make an early appearance in the anime, and were originally introduced in chapters 9 and 19, respectively.
  • In addition, Suzuko, Tamako, and Kon have early cameo appearances as well.


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