A President Selected! The Five-Member Cheer (部長決定! 五人のチア Buchō kettei! Go-ri no Chia?) is the ninth episode of the Anima Yell! anime series.


After their performance at the Basketball Club's exhibition match, the Cheer Association is met with a visit from Kana, who eventually accepts their invitation to join them. With five members now assembled, a club can officially be formed. Kohane and the others meet with Ms. Inukai and sway her into becoming their advisor, thus establishing the Cheer Club.

Their first activity as an official club involves supporting a youth soccer team called the "Victories." Uki is suddenly frightened of the prospect of having her little brother, a player on that very team, see her perform in "girly" attire. She tries her hardest to convince him girly things can be cool too, without admitting that she was in fact a cheerleader. But with the days counting down until their cheer performance, Uki's efforts would come too little too late.


  • This episode marks a departure from the manga, where only the Cheer Association performed for the Victories. Ms. Inukai and Kana were actually introduced after Akane's game - thus, episode 8 would have to be included after this one in order to follow the original manga sequence.
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