Let's Cheer Up! is the fourth episode of the Anima Yell! anime series.


Basketball Sempai makes a sudden visit to the Cheer Association and requests their support during an exhibition game. Excited for their very first cheer performance, Kohane and the others quickly prepare for the game, leaving an ambivalent Kotetsu to ponder about cheerleading.


  • Kohane saying that Kotetsu's name "sounds delicious" is a reference to Kotecchan, a line of Japanese beef products.
  • Kana's appearance in the arena, as well as the scene where Kotetsu walks towards the sunset with the others, were added only for the anime.
  • Since Anima Yell! is rebroadcast in a regional prime time slot (7:00 pm), the joke where Kohane remarks on the difficulty of designing Uki's uniform, due mainly to her large bust size, was omitted in the anime.
  • Manga artist Ayami Kazama attended the voice-over session for episode four, and had drawn a comic describing the experience.


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