Exciting Shoulder Straddle (はらはらショルダーストラドル Harahara Shorudā Sutoradoru?) is the eleventh episode of the Anima Yell! anime series.


With the summer festival under way, the Cheer Club continues to hone in on their cheers, incorporating a slightly more difficult stunt into their routine - the "shoulder straddle." Although Kohane struggles with the stunt at first, with the help of Uki and the others, she manages to successfully attempt it in time for the festival.

Eventually the summer camp ends, and the girls begin to focus on the cheer tournament. After earning money working at a part-time job, the girls head to the cheer shop to buy new uniforms. But what Hizume and Kana did not expect was a sudden encounter with two of their former teammates - the Nekoya twins, Suzuko and Tamako.


  • Due possibly to episodic time constraints, a chapter revolving around the girls working at a coffee shop appears only briefly in this episode.
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