Sempai and Me (せんぱいとあたし Senpai to Atashi?) is the eighth episode of the Anima Yell! anime series.


Kana finally emerges out of hiding and confronts Kohane and the others, demanding a reason for why Hizume had joined such an inexperienced cheerleading group. But when Hizume suddenly arrives at the scene, Kana suddenly disappears. Shortly after, Basketball Sempai meets the girls and asks them to support the Basketball Club at their next game. The four begin practicing their cheer routines, suspecting Kana is also secretly watching them from a distance.

After one rainy day, Kana asks Uki to meet her at the rooftop to discuss matters regarding Hizume. But when Kana slips in a puddle of water, she accidentally knocks over Uki, spraining her ankle in the process. With the Cheer Association missing one of its members, their only hope is to have the experienced Kana replace Uki during the basketball game.


  • In the broadcast version, the title of the episode was Senpai to Watashi (せんぱいとわたし), which was likely an oversight as Kana often refers to herself with atashi even in the manga.
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