Kaminoki High School Cheerleading Club (神ノ木高校チアリーディング部 Kaminoki Kōkō Chiarīdingu Bu?) is a student group featured in the Anima Yell! series.


After recruiting Kana as their fifth member, Kohane and the others decided it was time for the Cheer Association to become a full-fledged club. In doing so, it would give the girls the benefit of having an advisor, as well as an allocated club budget from the school. All club activities were decided to be kept in the AV room.

Prior to forming the club, the girls had to decide on a club president and an advisor. Kana had hoped for Hizume to become their president, but Hizume insisted that Kohane's natural inclination to help support others would make her a better fit. Kohane agreed to take on the role.

In seeking an advisor, Kohane immediately asks Ms. Inukai. After learning from Ms. Inukai's childhood friend that she was well-known in middle school for performing creative dance, Kohane pressures her to help the Cheer Club. When Inukai reluctantly accepted the girls' request to become their advisor, the Cheer Association would officially become the Cheer Club.

Cheer Performances

  • Summer Festival Participation (Display)
  • Cheer Competition (Display)
  • Kaminoki Sports Festival Cheer Battle (Display)
  • Victories Soccer Team Game (Support)

Encouragement Activities

  • Club Supervision
  • Seasonal Employment

Club Uniform

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