Kaminoki High School Cheer Association (神ノ木高校チア同好会 Kaminoki Kōkō Chia Dōkōkai?) is a student group featured in the Anima Yell! series.


Originally formed by Kohane, Hizume, and Uki, it functioned as a means to promote cheerleading throughout Kaminoki High.

Although not considered a school club, the Cheer Association would nevertheless give the girls recognition as an official student group. The association could not have a budget or its own clubroom, but would instead be able to secure a location in school to practice, which was an issue for the girls prior to its formation. In addition, the Cheer Association is allowed to publicly advertise their group and accept cheer requests at school sporting events.

Ms. Inukai had helped the three form the Cheer Association, although at first she mistakenly believed the girls were forming a cheer squad, which is technically different from cheerleading. She recommended that the girls practice in the old AV room at their school, which they decided to use instead of the school roof.[1]

Although the primary purpose of the Cheer Association is to promote cheer-related activities, the group has also been known to support the general well-being of the student body, which need not involve performing on stage as cheerleaders.

Kotetsu, a classmate of Kohane and Uki, would become the association's fourth member.

Stunt Group

Cheer Performances

  • Kaminoki Basketball Club Game (Support)
    Exhibition game between the Basketball Club and a competing club. Very simple cheers and chants were used, but no stunts were performed.[2]
  • Community Event Opening Ceremony (Display)
    Public performance outside of Kaminoki High School; first use of stunts and cheer formations.[3]
  • Victories Soccer Team Game (Support)
    Elementary school soccer game support. Akane, the little brother of Uki, is among the players being supported.[4]
  • Kaminoki Basketball Club Prefectural Tournament (Support)
    Ninety-minute prefectural game between Kaminoki and Hoshigaoka High School. First performance to combine choreographed dancing with a live wind ensemble.[5]

Encouragement Activities

  • Student Assistance
    Provided emotional guidance for fellow Kaminoki High School student, Kon Akitsune.[6]
  • Culinary Taste Testing
    Assisted the Home Economics Club in helping create menus for an upcoming food contest.[7]
  • Solo Demonstration
    Solo cheer demonstration performed by one of the members to help promote cheerleading, which included the free giveaway of mini pom-poms to students.[8]

Club Uniform


After Kana joins as the fifth member, the Cheer Association would soon dissolve and become the Cheer Club. The five members decide to have the new club remain in the AV room, in addition to having their own club advisor (Ms. Inukai), as well as a club budget.[9]


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