The second chapter of the Anima Yell! manga was published in the May 2016 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


Kohane cannot shake away the smiling, happy face she saw of Hizume when she performed her cheers during the baseball game. Frustrated with Hizume's refusal to partake in her cheer club, Kohane tries to confront her, but is met with confusion and indifference. After finishing the day at her and Uki's new homeroom class, Kohane wastes no time in trying to catch Hizume again. She decides to create a flyer just for Hizume, which contains Kohane's personal information such as her age, favorite things, and even her own body measurements. Hizume asks Kohane the meaning of the flyer, to which Kohane responds that she hopes to eventually invite her into the cheer club. Hizume had previously told her she was not interested, but Kohane points to a section of the sheet with her favorite phrase, "Never give up!"

Kohane begins to aggressively chase Hizume and barges into her classroom all throughout the day. She then spots Hizume a floor above her, but suddenly hesitates walking any closer, revealing that she is scared of heights. Hizume mentions that cheerleading requires the use of stunts, which can involve tossing a person up in the air, but the very thought of performing stunts frightens Kohane.

After school, Kohane continues to follow Hizume, and they eventually settle down at a park bench to converse. When Hizume asks the reason for Kohane wanting to cheer with her, Kohane explains that her love of helping people is what keeps her going, and that Hizume's performance by the riverbed had inspired her to take up cheerleading. Kohane then asks Hizume why she is reluctant to cheer again, in which if there were any problems she can safely confide in Kohane. But Hizume denies there being a problem, and immediately lashes out at Kohane for wanting to seriously become a cheerleader with her acrophobia, calling her an "Impetuous Saint".

Later that day, Uki visits Kohane at her home, but is met with a discouraged figure sulking in a corner, who explains to Uki everything that had just happened. Uki then imparts to Kohane what she had overheard from a girl who had attended Hizume's old middle school: Hizume was once an extraordinary cheerleader whose abilities had grown almost exponentially from the day she started. However, Hizume's own teammates had resented her for not being able to meet her high expectations, and they eventually resorted to bullying her. Kohane becomes furious after hearing this, and decides to quickly start her own "special training" in order to help Hizume. Meanwhile, Hizume walks home from school and regrets having overreacted towards Kohane. Hizume hopes to avoid her the next day, wanting to forget about her own behavior and awkward vocabulary.


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