The twenty-second chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the December 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.

Chapter Teaser

"The Triumph of Becoming a Club!"


Thanks to the membership of the newly-admitted Kana, Kohane and the others have finally declared themselves as the Cheer Club. Kohane changes her flyers to reflect the important name change from the Cheer Association, but remains in the business of looking for new members and cheerleading requests.

Very quickly, they receive another request in the form of a culture club. The president of the Manga Research Club ask the girls to help monitor their overworked club members as they tiredly finish their manga. Being the only member of the Cheer Club who has not taken on a non-cheerleading request, Kana is dumbfounded that the four would accept such a task, but Hizume explains that "supporting others" is at the heart of what they do anyway.

The members of the Manga club proceed with their work, while Kohane and others watch the artists carefully, looking out for any signs of them suddenly dozing off. The president then asks the girls to perform various poses to use as a reference for her drawings, some of them being particularly embarrassing for Uki and Kana. Eventually, the president completes the last panel with great triumph and, with regained vigor, immediately begins work on her next manga.

After being excused from their duty as monitors, Kohane complains that they have not done much in the way of actual cheerleading, despite having helped people. Hizume then suggests that they participate in an upcoming cheerleading tournament, but only so that they can test their abilities and perform their best. The girls are thrilled to hear the suggestion, but when Kotetsu bluntly reminds Kohane about her acrophobia, Kana reacts with bafflement, wondering how a flyer could perform an Elevator and Escalator with a fear of heights. Kohane vows to work hard to conquer her fear, prompting Hizume to propose that they also set up a training camp to practice during the summer.


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