The twenty-first chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the November 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


With the basketball prefectural game now over, Kana finally arrives in the AV room. Kohane hands her the application to join the Cheer Association, to which Kana signs her full name. The girls read her first name as "Hanawa", a mistaken but cutesy reading of Kana. She is appalled by everyone calling her Hanawa, but takes exception with Hizume, her sempai.

Kana becomes the fifth member of the Cheer Association, which now qualifies them to become an official club. However, before that happens, they would first need to nominate a club president, a permanent clubroom, and an advisor. Kohane immediately nominates Hizume to become their president, but Hizume insists that Kohane take on the role instead. Having the spirit to motivate people and possessing the drive to move the group forward, Kohane would seem to be the perfect fit. Kohane accepts the role as president, and while everyone decides to keep the AV room as their meeting place, the girls still have to find a teacher to help become their advisor.

Kohane is determined to have Ms. Inukai oversee their club, but Inukai immediately turns down the offer, claiming to have never done any cheerleading herself. But suddenly, Kohane mentions that she had previously talked to Ms. Kumagai, Inukai's childhood friend and colleague. Kumagai had revealed that Inukai was well-known in junior high for her creative dance routines, and that a DVD of her performances still exists. An embarrassed Inukai finally admits that she used to do dance, making her, in Kohane's eyes, well-qualified to be the advisor for the now-established Cheer Club.


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