The twentieth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the November 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


While confronting Uki on the school roof, Kana accidentally slips in a puddle of rainwater, and falls head first towards the concrete. However, she manages to safely fall onto the quick-thinking Uki, who herself is used to breaking falls caused by Kohane. With both of them appearing okay, Kana is told that rather than confronting Uki and the others, she should talk to Hizume directly about her feelings. But as Uki rises up from the ground, she suddenly feels a sharp pain in her right ankle.

Everybody gathers in the AV room to check up on Uki, and Kana is once again face-to-face with Hizume, but is too embarrassed to say anything. Despite putting a bandage wrap over Uki's sprained ankle, Hizume refuses to allow Uki, in her injured state, to cheer at the prefectural tournament, which is to be considerably longer than their previous performances. She instead recommends that only three of them perform, but is met with the concern that taking out one member will completely disrupt their timing and formation order. Kana, having felt responsible for causing all this, decides to step in and remedy the situation.

The next day, all five of the girls arrive in the basketball arena to once again support the Basketball Club, along with Kana, who is replacing Uki and wearing her cheer outfit. Basketball Sempai greets them, but somehow mistakes Kana for Uki at first. The Cheer Association has ninety minutes to perform, but unlike their previous performances, they now have the added benefit of two experienced cheerleaders. Kana, as expected of Hizume's former teammate, performs admirably with the other three, but is herself surprised to see her once-aloof and seemingly forlorn sempai transformed in a way she never thought possible: Hizume's smiles are actually sincere this time, almost as if she was actually having fun cheering for once.

Despite only helping them for one day, Kana begins to realize that as long as Hizume is happy and having fun, she might be willing to join the Cheer Association for Hizume's sake. Kana catches herself thinking this and, as if experiencing a sudden, albeit embarrassing, epiphany, immediately screams out loud to a stunned arena. Kana increases her pace during her cheer routine, thinking to herself how much fun it would be to cheer with her sempai again. When the game finishes, she walks up to Hizume and asks to join them, which Hizume is happy to hear. Hizume then insists that Kana stop addressing her as sempai and simply use her first name, causing an embarrassed Kana to collapse right in front of her.


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