The twelfth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the March 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


The Cheer Association welcomes into the fold their fourth member, Kotetsu Tatejima, who is thrown a welcoming party in the AV room filled with snacks and ornaments. Kohane asks if it is okay to call her "Kotetsu-chan", but when Kotetsu bluntly refuses, Kohane is suddenly thrown for a loop. Uki reminds Kohane that Kotetsu hates her own first name, but Kohane is bewildered by how someone could hate such a "cool-sounding" name such as hers. She then comes up with other nicknames for Kotetsu, such as "Kotecchan" and "Koteko", but they both end up sounding worse.

As Kohane continues to sort out names—suggesting that everyone should also start referring to each other on a first-name basis—the three grab their pom-poms and give Kotetsu a welcoming cheer. In return for their kindness, Kotetsu opens the window and heads downstairs to the old music room, and plays them a song on the piano. They thank Kotetsu as she tiredly runs back up, lamenting that she needs to start getting in shape if she wants to become a cheerleader.

Hizume suddenly brings up the fact that Kotetsu still does not have a cheer uniform. Although Kotetsu lacks experience in sewing, Kohane and the others offer to help her hand-make one. But when Kotetsu reveals that she has a sewing machine at home and offers them to use it, Kohane and Uki are immediately jubilant in having finally found a "modern person" to help make their uniforms.


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