The third chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the June 2016 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


After yelling at Kohane for being confronted about not wanting to cheer again, Hizume tries to keep a low profile at school the next day. However, she cannot help shake the feeling that she is being followed, and finally catches Kohane hiding behind her. To Hizume's puzzlement, rather than discuss anything related to what happened the other day, Kohane clumsily dances and chants in front of her, to which Hizume worries that she is somehow being jinxed. Kohane returns to class, and tells Uki that she tried to cheer Hizume up by performing a dance. Kohane re-enacts the cheer, but to Uki, the dance resembles something from a conjuring ritual.

Uki changes the subject to Kohane's special training as a cheerleader, and asks her for specifics. Kohane immediately talks about wanting to beat her fear of heights, to which Uki has in mind going on ferris wheels and standing on rooftops. She is so afraid of heights that she has to say "Bumpee Jump" as a way of censoring the thought of ever jumping from a tall structure.

Fully committed to conquering her fear of heights, Kohane stands high atop a tree branch some time later, and yells chants at Hizume below. Kohane is determined to make Hizume join the Cheer Club, and wants to be just as extraordinary as Hizume was as a cheerleader. However, Hizume is immediately reminded of the painful memories of her past, and of being the target of hatred by cheer mates who could not tolerate her success. But before Hizume could realize what is happening, Kohane announces her attempt at a stunt and immediately falls in the direction of Hizume, expecting to be caught on her back.

Suddenly remembering how to catch someone from a basket toss, Hizume runs towards Kohane and tries to save her, but only manages to break her fall instead. Hizume angrily yells at Kohane for her recklessness, and her lack of effort in attempting anything related to actual cheerleading. But Kohane insists that she had put her trust into Hizume, much in the same way cheerleaders do for each other, and that Hizume did not let her down in the end.

Hizume, who was once known as the "Iron Base", eventually agrees to help Kohane learn proper cheerleading. She becomes the second member in Kohane's cheer club.


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