The thirteenth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the April 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


Kotetsu, now officially referred to as "Kotecchan", arrives at school wearing her new, hand-made cheer outfit. She is embarrassed to be the only one wearing it, although Kohane comforts her by pointing out that Uki had forgotten to change into her summer uniform that morning.

When Hizume finally arrives in the AV room, she announces that they received another request and will be given more details later that day. But before Hizume could explain who sent the request, Kohane excitedly runs to the source and arrives in the Home Economics Club room. Although disappointed the club was not sports-related, the four meet its president, a friendly and affable girl wearing an apron and chef hat. She explains that their club needs help creating menus for an upcoming food contest, and wants the Cheer Association to taste-test their food for input. Kon, also a member of the club, had told the president that the Cheer Association can take care of matters regarding anything—love, studying, and sports—and that anybody who makes a request can profit from their help.

Rather than help the Home Economics Club "profit", the Cheer Association agrees to assist them. The four then sit down at a table and await the delicious-looking dishes prepared for them by the individual club members. Each food is tasted and commented by the four, including the brutally honest Kotetsu. Kohane notices how much fun the Home Economics Club members are having as they cook their meals, prompting a worried Hizume to convince Kohane not to give up being a cheerleader. The club president finally gives the girls a special meal as a bonus, but confesses that it was actually Basketball Sempai's idea to make the dish in order to thank them for their support during the game.

Kohane dashes to the gym where the Basketball Club is practicing, and immediately hugs their shy president. She then tries to give Basketball Sempai a thank-you cheer, but is instantly rebuffed. Uki, however, insists on cheering, if not for the sole purpose of losing weight after their taste-testing.


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