The tenth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the January 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


While carrying a heavy, square-shaped bag on her back, Kohane struggles to maintain her footing as she walks in the school hallway. She sees Kotetsu nearby, whom she offers to help carry Kohane's things, which consists of various item that will spruce up the AV room, including a table that will be used as a kotatsu.

Kohane thanks Kotetsu for her help, but not before they notice Basketball Sempai already in the AV room with them. Although annoyed with the nickname Kohane gave her, Basketball Sempai tells Kohane that she is requesting the support of the Cheer Association, wanting them to cheer for the Basketball Club in an upcoming exhibition game against a rival club. Kohane passes out from the excitement, leaving Kotetsu to relay the news to Uki and Hizume. Kotetsu then excuses herself from the room and leaves, still deciding whether it might be a good idea to join them.

Thinking Kotetsu might still be interested in cheerleading, Kohane makes an attempt at inviting her, but is suddenly stopped by Uki, who is not willing to let Kohane force Kotetsu into joining. Not before long, however, the girls hear music coming from the old music room below them, which Ms. Inukai mentioned as being haunted. Uki recoils in fear, but Kohane rushes down to finally invite the spirit to join the Cheer Association. Instead of a ghost, the girls discover Kotetsu playing on the piano. While Uki is relieved that the rumors of a haunted music room were apparently false, Kohane goes ahead and asks Kotetsu to cheer with them. Kotetsu, who finds the idea of cheering in front of people embarrassing, instantly downs the invitation.

Having failed to bring Kotetsu on board, Hizume recommends that they instead focus on practicing for the basketball game. Since this was their first cheer performance, she suggests the three of them stick to simple cheers, and save stunts for another time. They are also in need of cheer outfits, but not having a budget, they are left to rely on the seemingly "ancient" method of sewing them by hand.


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