The sixteenth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the July 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


One day, Uki finds Kotetsu crying in the AV room, calling herself a "pathetic piece of swine" after finally learning about Kohane's fear of heights. Although Kohane did not want to become a flyer, she volunteered to do it anyway for Kotetsu's sake, despite Kotetsu's seemingly flimsy excuse of being too fat to fulfill the role. Hizume overhears Kotetsu and suddenly lifts her up from the ground, proving that Kotetsu is not particularly overweight. But after Kotetsu is shown video of more advanced cheer stunts, Kotetsu panics, and immediately brings herself to try and save Kohane from further pain and misery.

Kotetsu, determined to lose weight and become the Cheer Association's new flyer, brings exercise equipment into the AV room. Hizume insists that all the equipment is useless to lose weight, and instead suggests that Kotetsu give herself an additional incentive, such as banning snacks in the AV room if she gains weight after a week. Kotetsu goes even further by exercising on an empty stomach, prompting a concerned Hizume to force Kotetsu to start eating again. As Kotetsu begins to re-feed herself, although in a somewhat frenzied manner, Hizume asks Uki the reason why Kohane is scared of tall places. Uki recalls that she had once fallen and injured herself, but is not entirely sure of the details.

When Kohane finally arrives in the AV room, she attempts to explain in more detail what happened. On a windy day years ago, Kohane was sitting on top of a swing set, and jumped off in an attempt to fly. Kohane eventually came to in a hospital bed, surrounded by her worried parents and friends. She acted as if nothing serious had happened, but when she noticed everyone around her in tears, Kohane came to a frightening realization that she had caused emotional suffering to those she loved. And it was that realization that made Kohane so fearful of heights.

After hearing Kohane's story, Kotetsu begs Kohane to not attempt any stunts, and that she herself is attempting to lose weight in order to relieve Kohane. But Kohane insists that she remain as the flyer, as she is getting better at handling her fear, albeit a bit slowly. Hizume then suggests that they attempt the Shoulder Straddle, which is a slightly more difficult to perform than the Double Thigh Stand. Kohane excitedly tries the stunt, but in the end was not able to pull it off.


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