The sixth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the September 2016 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


While still undecided on which club to enter, Uki continues to turn down Kohane's invitation to join her cheer club. After failing to properly demonstrate the appeal of cheerleading to Uki, Kohane begins to use more drastic actions, such as replacing Uki's school clothes during PE with a cute-looking cheer outfit, and putting a mini pom-pom in Uki's lunch box. Her efforts to entice Uki fails in the end.

However, with the help of Hizume, Kohane tries one more time to make a grand gesture in order to make Uki become a cheerleader. Hizume suggests that Kohane tell Uki her genuine, heart-felt feelings about wanting to do cheerleading together. But the nervous Kohane instead tells Uki that she wants to "do it" with her, by which she meant cheer. But before Uki could give her a coherent reply, a classmate hands her an intimidating-looking letter from Hizume to meet her on the school roof.

Uki follows through with the request and, with some trepidation, walks with Kohane up the stairs towards the roof. She opens the door, but when she discovers Hizume standing outside wearing her old cheerleader uniform, Uki slams the door in bafflement. Suddenly, they both hear music playing outside and Kohane begs Uki to open the door again, which she does. Uki watches in amazement as Hizume starts cheering and dancing to the music being played on her cellphone. When Hizume finishes her routine, Uki applauds, believing that if there was anything she knows about cheerleading now, it is that "it's cute but cool". Both Kohane and Hizume then insist that Uki join them as cheerleaders. After a moment of pondering, Uki finally declares that she will join their club.

Excited that Uki will be cheerleading with them from now on, they reintroduce themselves as members of the cheer club. Despite joining, Uki feels she might not be cut out for cheer due to her lack of experience, but Hizume believes that Uki can keep the scatter-brained Kohane focused while in the group. When asked why Uki was reluctant to do cheer for so long, she confesses that cheerleader outfits are too revealing for her, to which Hizume then suggests that they wear pants instead—an idea Uki will not even consider.


  • The picture of a mustache-wearing Hizume next to a time machine shows a slight resemblance to Dr. Andonuts and his Sky Runner, which are found in the SNES game, Earthbound.


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