The seventeenth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the August 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


When Kohane carelessly uses up the Cheer Association's supply of ribbon tape to make pom-poms, Hizume suggests to everyone a visit to a cheer shop in the city to restock. During the weekend, the four of them meet outside of the shop building, with Uki attempting to restrain Kohane, who can barely contain herself. As Hizume leads the way inside, Kohane bursts into uncontrollable excitement, losing herself in a "heavenly realm" filled with cheerleader uniforms, accessories, and even an "angelic" shop assistant. She also makes Uki try out some of the outfits with her, but Kohane is reminded by Hizume that they are only there to buy rolls of ribbon.

Afterwards, the four rest at a nearby cafe. Hizume suddenly brings up something that has been bothering her: Although two months have passed since they entered Kaminoki High School, Hizume is still unable to make friends with any of her classmates, and continually feels ignored by them. Although Uki feels Hizume is being too hard on herself, shes suggests that Hizume try to open up to her peers and become more approachable. They all decide to have Hizume win her classmates over by performing cheers in school, while at the same time passing out mini pom-poms to advertise for the Cheer Association.

When the girls return to school on Monday, Hizume stands alone in the hallway wearing her cheer uniform, holding pom poms and dancing with a smile on her face. One by one, her classmates start gathering around Hizume, not knowing exactly what she was doing. As they stand around her in awkward silence, Hizume attempts to greet her classmates with cheers, but it only manages to frighten them instead. Noticing that their plan was not working, Kohane runs straight to Hizume and offers to help. But when the onlookers see Kohane hugging Hizume and saying that she was her friend, they suddenly become angry.

Hizume's brief stint as a hallway cheerleader eventually comes to an end. Kotetsu now realizes that Hizume's classmates actually admire her, but have a hard time approaching her. Once they saw Kohane getting close to Hizume, they all banded together in order to fight a common enemy. While Kohane dislikes being labeled an "enemy", she begrudgingly accepts that without her help, Hizume would not have her classmates finally start opening up to her, to which Hizume is now grateful for.


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