The first chapter of the Anima Yell! manga was published in the April 2016 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


Towards the end of their middle school days, Kohane witnesses a sight that would forever change her world. Kohane barges straight into Uki's, and tells her the name of the very thing that she wants to do from now on. She blurts out "Chair!", much to the confusion of Uki. But she suddenly realizes that Kohane meant "cheer", as in cheerleading. Earlier, Kohane witnessed a baseball game where girls in uniforms were firing up the crowd, and giving encouragement and strength to people around them. Kohane then tries to mimic their movements and chants, but only manages to imitate bon-odori routines. Nevertheless, Uki fully supports Kohane's sudden decision to do cheer, especially since it was a sport perfect for Kohane's love for helping others. She then suggests to Kohane that she considers looking into their high school's cheer club, which likely existed.

Excited at the prospect of entering a "chair" club, Kohane researches all she could about cheerleading during the two weeks leading up to the high school entrance ceremony. Arriving on the very first day of school with pom poms in her hand, Kohane finds the list of club activities, but is distraught when she does not see the cheerleading club.

Kohane attends the entrance ceremony feeling depressed. Uki stands next to her, and tries to cheer her up, having felt responsible for getting her hopes up in the first place. However, when first-year representative, Hizume Arima, goes up to speak in front of everyone, Kohane immediately recognizes her as one of the cheerleaders who performed at the baseball game weeks ago. She yells in astonishment during Hizume's speech.

Seeing as she finally found someone in her new school who was an actual cheerleader, Kohane becomes inspired to form her own "chair" club. But Kohane soon learns that she lacks the required five members to officially create one. She sees herself as having two members, both her and Uki, but Uki wants nothing to do with the club, despite the fact that she secretly likes cute things. When Kohane angrily confronts Uki about this, Kohane accidentally falls down a flight of stairs, before quickly being caught by Hizume.

Kohane is grateful for being rescued by Hizume, and tells her that she saw her doing "chair" a few weeks ago. The literal-thinking Hizume denies having done chair, to which Uki quickly corrects them with the word "cheer". Kohane then extends Hizume an invitation to join her cheer club, but Hizume quickly refuses. After seeing an expression of sadness in Hizume's face that moment, Kohane's image of the seemingly happy and sparkling cheerleader had seemingly been shattered.

But Kohane will not give up that easily.


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