The nineteenth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the October 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


The Cheer Association congratulates the Basketball Club's president for her team entering the prefectural tournament. At the same time, the president, along with all the teammates in her club, have extended another invitation for the Cheer Association to support them during the upcoming match. They accept, and while Hizume discusses the invitation with the club's advisor, Kohane, Uki, and Kotetsu are suddenly left on their own.

When the three head back to the AV room, they see a sign posted on their door saying "cursed". A girl then appears to the three and immediately lashes out, calling the Cheer Association a "den of evil" and claiming that her sempai, who turns out to be Hizume, does not belong there. But the girls are dumbfounded by this, since Hizume is only a first-year student. Having watched the Cheer Association perform during the elementary school soccer game, the girl notes their lack of technical skill, including improperly-timed stunts and listless facial expressions during formation changes. But as she prepares to leave, the girl accidentally bumps into Hizume, and becomes flustered before immediately running out of the AV room.

Hizume explains that the girl, Kana Ushiku, was once a teammate of hers in their old cheer team. Kana had joined the team after Hizume, which is the reason she calls Hizume her sempai rather than simply a teammate. But instead of dwelling on the recent incident, Hizume focuses their attention on the upcoming basketball match, which will also contain a live wind ensemble. She assigns the three to individually come up with choreography that would best complement band music.

But the closer the girls get to day of the tournament, the more they feel the presence of Kana lurking among them. And when Uki receives a note to meet someone on the school roof, she finds Kana waiting for her. She demands Uki to explain why Hizume is cheering alongside amateurs like her. Perplexed, Uki insists that she ask Hizume directly, but Kana, like so many other girls, finds it intimidating to approach Hizume. When Uki mentions that the Cheer Association is more lax and that they are only there to have fun, Kana becomes furious and approaches Uki. But in her frustration, she suddenly steps on a puddle and begins to fall dangerously towards the concrete.


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