The ninth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the December 2016 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.

Chapter Teaser

"Cheering for Cheer's Sake...?"


With the help of Ms. Inukai, the girls are now an established school activities group, and are able to secure the old AV room to practice. Although just two members away from becoming an actual school club, the three of them are now officially recognized as the Cheer Association.

Kohane hastily makes flyers in an effort to advertise their group, and immediately starts distributing them throughout the school, including the old music room thought to be haunted below. Uki, whose own research into ghosts had led her to fear them, is flabbergasted that Kohane would do such a thing. She then becomes startled as two figures open the door, and is suddenly shrieking in terror of the arrival of two ghosts.

Kohane and Uki's flesh-and-bone classmates, Kon Akitsune and Kotetsu Tatejima, both walk in and relieve Uki's fears. They greet the newly-established Cheer Association, with Kon coming to them for assistance. Rather than having anything to do with actual cheerleading, Kon's request is in the form of helping her confess to someone she likes. Kon is seemingly mistaken of the Cheer Association's intent, which is likely due to Kohane's poorly-worded flyers. While Hizume feels this has nothing to do with cheerleading, she knows that as long as Kohane has the motivation to help anyone, her request might actually be in their wheelhouse.

Although having absolutely no experience with love or relationships, the members of the Cheer Association agree to help the lovesick Kon, who happens to be infatuated with her twenty-year-old tutor. The girls use various strategies to help her confess, which includes them performing her confession using cheers, and even attempting to use Hizume's eccentric, college-aged brother as a model for her tutor. They also suggest she cook meals for him, but they eventually learn that Kon is not particularly skilled in cooking. But as they talk about her having an "older boyfriend", Kon corrects them by saying that her tutor is actually a woman. Despite assuming a male tutor throughout their brainstorming, Kohane nevertheless continues to find ways to help Kon. Meanwhile, Kotetsu feels that she is letting her friend down by not contributing anything. Uki then comforts her by saying that the fact that Kotetsu is thinking about Kon proves that she really cares for her.

With the help of Kohane, Kon finally settles on a "Hizume Style" way of confessing, which involves wearing her school uniform and confessing in a rather serious and blunt way. Kon is happy with how effective their "cheers" were, but when Kohane suddenly invites her to sign the application to join the Cheer Association, Kon turns her down and says that she already joined the Home Economics Club.


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