The fourteenth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the May 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


The Cheer Association suddenly receive a request to perform at the opening ceremony of a civic event. One of the girls who attended the basketball game had seen their performance and told one their parents—an events committee member in their community—about them, prompting the request. Kohane is delighted that because of their involvement with the basketball club, their presence is somehow being felt outside the school.

Being their first outdoor performance, Hizume decides that they should broaden their routines and include the use of formations and stunts at the ceremony. She attempts to assign a stunt group, which consist of a flyer, backspot, and two bases, and limit their stunts to the very simple Double Base Thigh Stand. Given their size, both Kohane and Kotetsu are ideal candidates for the flyer position, which involves being lifted off the ground and held by the other members, and occasionally thrown up in the air. But when Kotetsu complains that her weight might become a hindrance, the height-fearing Kohane reluctantly accepts the position for her sake. Hizume then assigns herself and Kotetsu as bases, which act as a foundation for the flyer, and assigns an enthusiastic Uki as the backspot, who holds and supports the flyer from the back.

With Hizume's experience and guidance, the girls diligently practice both the Double Base Thigh Stand and cheer formations in the AV room. They make a first attempt performing together as a stunt group, but Kohane's fear of heights causes her to fall after successfully being lifted. Hizume then shows the three a video of her and her brother dancing, highlighting proper arm movement, jumps, and timing. But as the girls practice formation changes, the three have difficulty keeping up with Hizume, who effortlessly scans her surroundings as she moves and maintains a constant smile.

When they finish, Hizume suggests they continue practicing at home, and offers them a notebook that can be used to write down various cheer-related notes, as well as to keep track of their goals. Being organized one week before their performance, Kohane now feels nothing can stop their progress, but she suddenly realizes that the weather forecast shows the possibility of rain on the day they perform. Kohane panics, and attempts to ward off the rain with a conjuring cheer, and sews together ghost-like charm dolls to hang by the window. But this only frightens the other students who already know about the rumors of the haunted music room.


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