The fourth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the July 2016 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


At school, Uki is asked by Kohane to meet on the rooftop. When Uki arrives, she finds Kohane dressed up in a revealing cheer costume. She tells Uki that Hizume finally agreed to be a member of her cheer club, and that they would begin practicing after school. Happy with how things turned out, Kohane had already went ahead and bought costumes for both her and Hizume. When Uki asks where Kohane ordered them, Kohane shows her a website on her phone, which turns out to be an adult hobby shop. Embarrassed about her friend's lack of good judgement, Uki tells Kohane to quickly change back into her school uniform, and to never let Hizume know about the costumes.

During class that same day, Kohane attempts to be patient as she waits for class to finish. Despite only having two members so far—both herself and Hizume—Kohane nevertheless tries to think of names for her cheer club team. After school, Hizume meets with an already tired Kohane and tells her that she is going to be testing her physical abilities. Even though she is determined to become a cheerleader, Kohane's increasingly apparent lack of flexibility, strength, and concentration would prove to be an hindrance for Hizume. Despite being tested for the 50-meter dash, long-distance running, and both the vertical and horizontal jump, Kohane was not able to show that she has any sort of specialty besides cheering.

Kohane is distraught at her performance, but moreso at the fact that she was not able to do anything related to cheerleading. Hizume insists that they continue to assess her abilities first, but she suddenly remembers how similar to Kohane she was when she was younger. Hizume then drops the subject of the physical test and simply offers Kohane to wear her old training uniform, which instantly cheers her up. In exchange, she offers Hizume the outfit she had purchased from the hobby shop, but before she could remember Uki's warning, Kohane is immediately met with Hizume's anger.


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