The forty-third chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the September 2019 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.

Chapter Teaser

  • こはねたちチア部もいよいよ二年生です…! (The girls are finally second-years!)
  • 褒められるとついついのばせちゃうこと、誰でもあるよね (A compliment is enough to make you go overboard - it happens to everyone!)


Now second year students at Kaminoki High School, Kohane and the others continue their activities in the Cheer Club with the new school year already in full swing.

The welcome ceremony for new students is approaching, and to help boost club membership, the girls create new posters in an effort to attract the first-years. They also hope to put on a cheer performance during club introductions, but Kohane suddenly realizes that the stage is too far to create an emotional connection for the fresh-faced students.

With the help of Ms. Inukai, the girls decide to skip the welcome ceremony and instead set up to perform in a prime location outside, one in which all the first-years can pass by and witness their cheerleading up close. As the Cheer Club perform their cheer routines, they notice the positive reactions coming from the first-year students.

As things seem to be going well, all eyes are on suddenly the club president. The momentum they built in that moment is now in Kohane's hands, and whatever she has planned next will determine just how many students will drop by their club room...

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