The fifth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the August 2016 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


Uki is worried that Kohane's training lessons are not helping her. Instead of doing actual cheerleading, Hizume has instead prioritized fitness drills, overexerting Kohane and not letting her do the things she wants to do. Uki warns Hizume that if she doesn't change her practice regimen soon, Kohane would lose all motivation to do cheer.

Worried about the possibility of Kohane quitting cheer, and eventually becoming a loner just like she used to be, Hizume quickly changes her training focus. Instead of exercising, Hizume orders Kohane, along with Uki, to hand-make their own pom-poms for a day. She supplies them with cardboard and ribbon tape, and guides them through the process step-by-step, performing lunges at the same time and then sitting on the floor with her legs spread out. Already suspicious that Hizume is secretly incorporating physical drills into her lesson, Uki is suddenly told by Hizume that making pom-poms did not require them to spread their legs.

The two continue to follow Hizume's instructions, but Kohane is already making mistakes, due partly to her being distracted by the chanting exercise Hizume had them perform. Kohane is happy with her work despite the somewhat slipshod result, but is asked by Hizume if they could all trade pom-poms with each other—with Kohane taking Hizume's, Hizume taking Uki's, and Uki, somewhat excitedly, taking Kohane's. After they trade, Kohane remarks on the wonderful memories they had just created as a cheer club, which the undecided Uki wants no part of. But when they all return home, Uki finds herself staring in front of the mirror while holding her pom-poms, eventually realizing with embarrassment that she was holding Kohane's.

The next day, Kohane meets with Uki on the way to school, and tells her how much fun she had making pom-poms despite the tiring work. But after hearing Kohane mention her arms feeling sore, and that she was advised by Hizume to carry her pom-poms everywhere she goes, Uki grabs Kohane's pom-poms and notices that they somehow contained extra weight. Uki then makes the realization that under the guise of pom-pom making, Hizume had secretly devised a way to keep Kohane physically active after all.


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