The fifteenth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the June 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


The day of the Cheer Association's second cheer performance has finally come. Ms. Inukai arrives at the community event and tries to look for the girls before seating herself in the audience. She spots Uki and the others and waves at them, but when she realizes the girls need her to handle an urgent matter, Inukai turns the other way and ignores them. Eventually, Inukai goes ahead and helps the girls by speaking with the member of the events committee, who had requested to contact an adult representing the Cheer Association. The girls lament the fact that they do not have an adult advisor to look over them, to which Kohane hopes that Inukai could join them soon. But the aging Inukai sternly refuses, and would rather be struck down than wear a cheer uniform.

Inukai excuses herself and heads to the seating area, letting the girls begin their rehearsal. They go on stage and practice their routine, with Hizume suddenly reminiscing about the rehearsals she once had with her old cheer team. But when they finish rehearsing, the girls begin to panic as they realize the stage area was much different than they anticipated, being more spacious and closer to the audience. Kotetsu in particular felt uneasy about her performance, and falls into despair minutes before the opening ceremony. But the others girls try to comfort her, saying that they will always stick together no matter what happens.

Suddenly, the event announcer introduces the girls, giving them their cue to take center stage. The performance begins, and Kotetsu is finally in a relaxed state, especially after seeing only a small crowd in front of her. Hizume on the other hand is very nervous, and forces a smile as she unsuccessfully yells a chant. When the time comes to perform their first stunt, Kohane stands nervously between Hizume, Kotetsu, and Uki. The three help bring Kohane up for the Double Base Thigh Stand, and is successfully standing in the air to a stunned and delighted audience. But when Kotetsu notices how light Kohane weighs as she stands on her leg, Kohane suddenly falls flat on the ground. Despite the last moment blunder, the girls finish with an applause.

With their second cheer performance now concluded, the girls get together and excitedly talk about how well they did on stage. Inukai greets the girls with a bag of refreshments and compliments them, saying that their performance made her want to get up a dance. Kohane then hands her an application to join the Cheer Association, but Inukai insists that she was only speaking figuratively.


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