The eleventh chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the February 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


The girls have made great strides since forming the Cheer Association, and are now ready for their first cheer performance. Kohane and the others arrive at the school gym, and meet with the Basketball Club members they are about to support. As the players warm up, Kohane calls out for Basketball Sempai, but is met with confused stares from the other second and third-year players. The three put on their hand-sewn cheer outfits, with Kohane being amazed at how they were able to make Uki's uniform fit snugly, especially with her larger-than-average chest. Kohane then gathers her stash of mini pom-poms to eventually hand out to the audience, while Hizume brings to their attention a complete list of chants they might use during the game.

As the basketball match comes to a start, Kotetsu enters the gym and tries to find a seat, having received an invitation from Kohane to watch them. Kohane introduces herself, Hizume, and Uki as "soaring like wings across the sky", "a breeze galloping through the land", and "The Philosopher of the Forest", respectively. Kotetsu watches as the three start dancing and waving pom-poms, performing various cheers as the basketball game progresses. When the opposing team starts to get the upper-hand over the Basketball Club, Kohane tries to get the crowd fired up and attempts to yell a chant. She stumbles, but with the help of someone from the audience, Kohane manages to find the perfect chant. The three, along with everyone in the crowd, all shout with pom-poms in hand: "Let's Cheer Up!" Kotetsu watches with intense fascination.

The game eventually comes to a close, and Basketball Sempai thanks the girls for their support. At the same time, Kotetsu goes to greet Kohane and the others. Kotetsu still feels hesitant about becoming a cheerleader, but will nevertheless give it a try as long as she practices together with them. Excited about Kotetsu's commitment, Kohane suddenly hands her an application to join the Cheer Association. Kotetsu signs her full name and hands the application back to Kohane, but confesses that she despises her boyish name. The girls compliment her "cool" and "delicious-sounding" name, apparently cheering Kotetsu on despite her embarrassment.


  • "Kotecchan" is the name of a line of beef products manufactured by S Foods.


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