The eighteenth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the September 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


Hizume announces the arrival of the Cheer Association's third cheer invitation, this time coming from somebody who had watched the girls perform during the community event. Kohane and Uki are thrilled to hear their influence is expanding, but when Hizume mentions that the request involves supporting the “Victories”, an elementary school soccer team, Uki suddenly urges Hizume to cancel.

Uki's little brother, Akane, is a member of the Victories and loathes anything remotely girly and cute, which includes cheerleading. Even though Kohane and the others have already told their families about their involvement in the Cheer Association, Uki still hides the fact that she is a cheerleader, telling Akane instead that she and Kohane had joined the track club. However, Hizume believes that Akane can be persuaded and encouraged to like cheer, much the same way her older brother had inspired her when she was younger.

Wanting to gently break the news that his sister is a cheerleader, Uki waits for Akane to return home and attempts to bring up the subject. But when he suddenly expresses his disdain over the girls cheering for him during soccer practice, Uki immediately drops the subject. Hizume then advises Uki to wear her cheer outfit for Akane and demonstrate the appeal of cheerleading visually, but Uki eventually loses the courage to do so, instead wearing her outfit underneath her school uniform.

With the Victories' match a day away, time is suddenly turning against Uki. She must quickly make an effort to tell her brother about her involvement in cheer, or risk hurting their relationship while on the field...


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