The eighth chapter of the Anima Yell! manga appeared in the November 2016 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.

Chapter Teaser

"It is a Student's Job to Study."


With classes finished for the day, Kohane rushes to Uki as they head out the door. However, Kohane is suddenly stopped by their teacher, who forces Kohane to take a makeup test after failing the proficiency exam.

Some time later, Kohane meets Uki and Hizume at the gym, and immediately gets started with warm-up exercises. As Hizume oversees the two and guides them on the proper way to warm up, they are suddenly met by the Basketball Club, who all assemble in the gym for their practice session. Its president meets with the three, and tells them the gym is reserved only for club members. When asked what club the three belong to, Kohane immediately responds with, "Cheer Club", while muttering under her breath, "tentatively".

Having been kicked out of the gym, the three search for another spot in school to practice. They make their way around campus, from the school quad to the sports field, but find those areas already reserved for other clubs. Finally, they climb up the school roof and find it to be empty. But Kohane's fear of heights makes her feel hesitant about practicing there. When confronted with the fact that Kohane once stood on the school roof, apparently unafraid, Kohane explained that her high "cheer power" that day had helped extinguish her fear.

The girls have come to the realization that they have not properly established themselves as an official school group, and thus are unable to reserve a place after school. But when they suddenly see Kohane homeroom teacher nearby, they explain their predicament to her. She suggests that even with just three members, the girls are able to form an association, which would give them the ability to reserve locations at school to practice. This discovery gives the girls hope of establishing themselves as a recognized school activities group, even if not an official club. In addition, their teacher is able to reserve them the abandoned AV room which, although lacking a high ceiling, is very spacious in width, but is also known to be a floor above a haunted music room.

Grateful for their teacher's help, they allow her to sign their paper work, although she mistakenly puts them down as a cheer squad rather than cheerleaders.


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