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Hizume Arima (有馬 ひづめ Arima Hidume?) is a prominent character in the Anima Yell! series.

Official Description

A high-school student, Hizume is the most skilled member of the Cheer Club. Being extremely earnest, she has a tendency to take things literally.[1]


The tallest of the other cheerleaders, Hizume has long bluish-purple hair, which is accompanied by an accessory that resembles a horseshoe.

Hizume's normal facial expressions are usually dull and lacking in warmth. But just like flipping on a light switch, she can easily flash a smile on command when performing on stage.[2]


Hizume is a student at Kaminoki High School, and was the first-year representative during their entrance ceremony.[3]

Before forming the Cheer Association with Kohane and Uki, Hizume was once a member of a community cheer team outside of school. Having been called the "Iron Base" throughout junior high,[4] she was the team's best cheerleader and was always growing in ability. But Hizume's intense focus on cheer had led her to ignore everyone in the group, and when her teammates eventually could not keep up with Hizume's skill, they began to resent her.[5][6] Just before entering high school, Hizume had quit the team because of their constant harassment. It would take Kohane's persistent efforts to eventually sway Hizume into continuing again.[7]

Although there was no official leader in the Cheer Association, it was Hizume's cheerleading experience that helped guide the girls. She was in charge of all their training, which usually included strict physical exercise and cheer drills, but at times can be substituted to simple pom-pom making.[8][9] In addition, Hizume had assigned stunt positions for the girls and determined the content of their performances.[10] But despite being the only member with substantial experience, Hizume instead nominates Kohane to become the president of the newly-founded Cheer Club, trusting in Kohane's natural ability to encourage others.[11]

Hizume is intelligent, polite, and well-spoken, but her serious demeanor often appears cold and standoffish to her peers. After realizing this, Hizume asks Kohane and the others for advice on how to appear friendlier, and eventually learns that her classmates—including an entourage of fans—actually admire Hizume, but find it intimidating to approach her.[12] Hizume also tends to take certain things that are said literally, and is sometimes unable to properly gauge the mood in a conversation.[13][14] At times, her serious-mindedness may even cause her to mistake a normal situation for a life-threatening event.[15]

The one thing Hizume is most fearful of is the possibility that Kohane might quit cheerleading, and become a loner just like she used to be. If Kohane suggested anything to that effect, Hizume will actually fall into a state of psychosis before attempting to immediately sway Kohane into continuing again.[16][17]

She has an older brother in college whom she always talks about and admires. He was responsible for encouraging Hizume to take up cheerleading.

Despite her lack of artistic ability, Hizume had still managed to help create drawings for the club poster and a short comic for the school newspaper. [18]

Hizume learned that Santa Claus did not exist until she graduated middle school, and subsequently stopped believing in him.[19]

Kirara Fantasia

Hizume was added as a playable character in Hobunsha's Kirara Fantasia mobile game on November 21, 2018.[20]


"When I first read the comics, I thought, 'Oh, this is so cute and uplifting!' With Hizume, there is this huge gap between both her regular self and her as a cheerleader. Her normal speech is so stiff and serious that her little slip-ups end up being endearing! I did my very best to bring out all of her charming qualities. For fans of the comics or for those who are watching for the first time, we are working hard to raise your spirits and are cheering for you!"
-Yuina Yamada, the voice of Hizume.[21]


  • Hizume's written and spoken name can carry the meaning of a horse's hoof (馬の蹄 Uma no Hidume?).



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