The fifth volume will be released in September 2020. It is the final volume in the series, and will contain panels that were published from the September 2019 and October 2020 issues of Manga Time Kirara Carat.[1]


With the girls now second-year students, the Cheer Club is finally in the position of recruiting new members from Kaminoki High School's incoming first-years. But after a dismal cheer performance leading to zero applicants, Kohane and the others nevertheless press on and continue with club activities.

Eventually, the girls find a diamond in the rough by the name of Towa, a first-year manga artist whose mother is a bonafide cheerleader. After convincing her to join, the girls finally set their sights on the upcoming cheer tournament, and embark on their second summer camp for extended training. But after meeting a sweet, but sickly girl named Ako, the girls are suddenly faced with the dilemma of having to choose between winning the tournament, or helping Ako recover.

Chapter List

No. Quick Description Timeline Magazine Issue
43 It is the new school year, and the Cheer Club attempt to recruit the newly-admitted first-year students with a cheer display. (Year 2)
September 2019
44 * * October 2019
45 * * November 2019
46 Hizume notices a girl who seems to be a perfect candidate for the Cheer Club and Kohane scrambles to find her. At the same time, the Cheer Club hear strange noises around the AV room. May December 2019
47 The girls try to convince Towa to join the Cheer Club, despite her deep reservations. * January 2020
48 The Cheer Club is tasked with choosing between the school treasurer and the school secretary for the position of vice president. June[2] February 2020
49 The girls arrive at the dojo for their second summer camp. When Uki and Kohane visit a nearby convenience store, they meet the Nekoya twins, along with a teammate who resented Hizume in the past. July March 2020
50 While rehearsing for the Summer Festival, Hizume finally reunites with Yagi. * April 2020
51 The girls split into pairs and practice performing the Roundoff tumbling routine. * May 2020
52 At the request of Alice, the Cheer Club visits the hospital to attend to Ako, whose condition requires elective surgery. June 2020
53 * * August 2020
(Returned after one issue)[3]
54 * * September 2020
55 * * October 2020

Characters Introduced


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