The fourth volume was released in July 2019, and featured panels that have been published since the August 2018 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


Summer is officially over and the second semester at Kaminoki High School begins with a plethora of student activities. The Cheer Club is involved in the student planning committee for the sports festival, eventually setting into motion a "cheer battle," with two teams demonstrating who can "out cheer" one another. Having made an impact at the event, the girls then receive a request from Washio of the Newspaper Club to help keep their club running for another year.

As the semester continues, Kohane scrambles to provide assistance for all the students as everyone makes preparations for the culture festival. A last minute cancellation soon gives Kohane, Hizume, Uki, and Kotetsu the opportunity to give an impromptu cheer performance for the school. Their reward is a trip to the hot springs, where Kana reminisces about the first time she met Hizume.

Towards the new year, the girls meet a child named Alice, who is a member of the local cheer team that Hizume was a part of. Alice's child-like innocence caused her to lose a bet with her friends, and is forced to quickly perform the "toe touch jump," to which Kohane and the other gladly extend a helping hand.

With the school year now coming to a close, the inevitable graduation of Basketball-sempai looms into view, and the Basketball Club soon promotes Kajiki as their new president. With seemingly large shoes to fill, Kajiki immediately seeks the Cheer Club to help support the team again at their next exhibition match. But when things turn sour, Kohane is met with the sudden realization that it is almost impossible to help everyone. Nevertheless, Uki and the others remind Kohane that no matter what happens, they will always be there for her.

Chapter List

No. Quick Description Timeline Magazine Issue
Pro. The girls get help from the Theater Club in finding costumes to perform at the Halloween Festival.
(Pgs. 2 - 8)
31 The Cheer Club is given the opportunity to help organize a cheer battle for the upcoming sports festival.
(Pgs. 9 - 20)
* August 2018
32 The Kaminoki High sports festival begins; the Cheer Club participates in the cheer battle along with the other students.
(Pgs. 21 - 30)
* September 2018
33 The Cheer Club obtains a request to support the Newspaper Club.
(Pgs. 31 - 38)
* October 2018
34 Uki and the others support the Victories for a second game.
(Pgs. 39 - 46)
* November 2018
35 The Cheer Club prepares for the Kaminoki High culture festival.
(Pgs. 49 - 58)
October [1] December 2018
36 As a reward for their performance during the culture festival, the girls receive tickets to the local bathhouse.
(Pgs. 59 - 66)
* January 2019
37 Worried over the recent behavior of Basketball Sempai and the Home Economics President, the Cheer Club secretly spy on them.
(Pgs. 67 - 74)
November February 2019
38 While visiting the cheer shop, Kohane and the others meet a little girl who quickly requires their help with a difficult stunt.
(Pgs. 75 - 82)
* March 2019
39 The girls attend a shrine to celebrate the New Year.
(Pgs. 85 - 92)
January (Year 2) April 2019
40 At the request of Kon, Kohane and Kotetsu help make Valentine's Day chocolates for her tutor.
(Pgs. 93 - 102)
February May 2019
41 The new president of the Basketball Club requests the assistance of the girls for their next game.
(Pgs. 103 - 110)
March June 2019
42 The girls try to comfort Kohane after the disappointing outcome of the basketball game.
(Pgs. 111 - 118)
* July 2019

Characters Introduced


  1. Koromogae - October 1st
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