The fourth volume has not been released yet, and will feature panels that have been published since the August 2018 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


The girls continue to progress in the sports festival, participating individually in the bread eating contest, the three-legged race, the obstacle course, and the costume race. Afterwards, both the red and white teams are called to grab their pom-poms for the festival's cheer battle, prompting Kohane and the other four to join their respective teams and begin the competition. Both teams perform their routines admirably in front of the judges and eventually come to a stop. Suddenly, the Cheer Club begins an impromptu routine to the surprise of the other participants. Kohane performs the Extension to the amazement of the crowd, encouraging everybody, both red and white, to join together and cheer.

With the cheer battle now concluded, the judges announce a tie for both teams. Despite Kohane performing an inspiring routine, Ms. Inukai and the Cheer Club are eventually scolded for their unscripted presentation.

Chapter List

No. Quick Description Timeline Magazine Issue
31 ... * August 2018
32 The Kaminoki High sports festival continues; the Cheer Club participates in the cheer battle along with the other students. * September 2018
33 The Cheer Club obtains a request to support the Newspaper Club. * October 2018
34 Uki and the others support the Victories for a second game. * November 2018
35 The Cheer Club prepares for the Kaminoki High culture festival. October [1] December 2018
36 ... * January 2019

Characters Introduced

  • Washio


  1. Koromogae - October 1st
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