The third volume was released in September 2018, and features panels that have been published since the December 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


After finally establishing themselves as the Cheer Club, Kohane and the others immediately receive a request to "support" the Kaminoki High School Manga Research Club. Its president, a gung-ho manga artist who sacrifices sleep for her art, asks the Cheer Club to make sure the artists stay awake to finish their manga. After assisting the Manga Club for some time, which included doing poses to help with their drawings, the Cheer Club finish their task, leaving Kohane to wonder why they are not doing more actual cheerleading.

Hizume suddenly recommends that the five of them should participate in an upcoming cheer tournament, which is about a month away. Rather than aim for first place, she suggests that they perform only their best. The girls become excited at the prospect of entering a cheer competition, and make plans to spend their summer vacation training at a beach-side dojo, which would be provided by an acquaintance of Hizume's father.
On the day after the cheer tournament, the five of them eventually gather at Uki's house and unwind in her room. Uki's mother provides the girls with refreshments, while Akane is seemingly excited to learn that all of Uki's friends are over. With the exception of Kohane, it would be the first time the girls had seen Uki's room, which is adorned with photos of her and Kohane as kids. Kohane then reminisces on the times when it was just her and Uki together, and how, after seeing Hizume perform by the riverbed, Kohane had barged into Uki's room and declared her sudden commitment to do cheerleading. She thanks Uki again for her encouragement during that fateful day, and then thanks everyone who had joined to cheer alongside Kohane. The girls are moved, but not before Hizume suddenly reminds Kohane about her homework.

Chapter List

No. Quick Description Timeline Magazine Issue
Pro. Kotetsu invites the girls to an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet in the city.
(Pgs. 2 - 8)
* N/A
22 The Cheer Club obtains a request from an over-stressed Manga Club to become their work monitors.
(Pgs. 9 - 20)
* December 2017
23 While training at a dojo, Hizume makes an attempt at opening up to Kana.
(Pgs. 23 - 34)
* January 2018
24 As the Summer Festival approaches, the girls continue their training and attempt the Shoulder Straddle.
(Pgs. 37 - 48)
* February 2018
25 Wanting to buy new cheer costumes for the competition, the Cheer Club become part-timers at a coffee shop.
(Pgs. 49 - 60)
August March 2018
26 Kohane and the others head to the cheer shop again, only to have a chance encounter with Hizume's former teammates.
(Pgs. 63 - 74)
* April 2018
27 The Cheer Club arrives at the arena for the cheer competition and begin rehearsal.
(Pgs. 77 - 86)
* May 2018 (1/2) (Double Feature) [1]
28 The competition continues as Kohane and the others perform as Entry #16.
(Pgs. 87 - 98)
* May 2018 (2/2)
29 Kohane and Uki invite the rest of the Cheer Club to Uki's house to relax and reminisce.
(Pgs. 99 - 108)
* June 2018 [2]
30 The girls attempt to cheer Ms. Inukai up after being forced to lead the entire Sports Festival Committee.
(Pgs. 111 - 118)
September July 2018

Characters Introduced

  • Manga Club President
  • Dojo Owner's Wife
  • Coffee Shop Manager
  • Suzuko Nekoya
  • Tamako Nekoya
  • Uki's Mother
  • PE Teacher


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