The third volume was released in September 2018, and features panels that have been published since the December 2017 issue of Manga Time Kirara Carat.


With the arrival of Kana into the fold, the Cheer Association has now officially become the Cheer Club. But just as soon as Kohane is named its president, the girls are suddenly met with the leader of the Manga Research Club, who requests the Cheer Club watch over as they finish writing their comics. Kohane is amazed at the intense dedication of these artists, and yearns to experience the same kind of passion in the Cheer Club. Hizume then suggests that they bring their club activities to the level of participating in a cheer tournament, a decision that eventually brings the girls to a seaside dojo for a summer training camp.

While practicing at the dojo, Hizume is struck with the realization that she is somehow responsible for being emotionally distant from Kana, her former teammate. At the same time, Kana is unable to let go of her image of Hizume as an impossibly "perfect" human being. As Uki and the others try to bring them both to reconciliation, the five of them begin rehearsing a cheer performance for an upcoming festival on the beach.

Both the summer festival and the training camp soon come to a close, and the girls now consider earning money to afford new uniforms for the cheer tournament. With Hizume working as a tutor, Kohane, Uki, and Kotetsu join Kana in working at a coffee shop as part-timers. After over a week of performing their duties, the girls accumulate enough funds and head to the cheer shop. However, they suddenly meet the Nekoya twins, Tamako and Suzuko, who brashly declare that they too are participating in the tournament, along with the rest of Hizume's former teammates.

The day of the cheer tournament arrives, and both the Cheer Club and Ms. Inukai make their way to an olympic-sized gymnasium. Before the main event, the girls rehearse during a warm-up session along with the other cheerleaders. When Kohane witnesses the practice routine of Tamako and Suzuko's team, she suddenly loses confidence in herself and bungles during rehearsal. Hizume and the others attempt to ease her anxieties, and by the time the girls are called up on stage for the main event, Kohane suddenly regains her "cheer power." Although Kohane manages to perform her routines diligently, despite a well-rounded performance, the Cheer Club's overall inexperience leads them to fail the first round. Given the results, however, the Nekoya twins meet with the girls after the performance to congratulate them. The day ends with Ms. Inukai treating the girls to a restaurant, and the following morning the girls decide to relax at Uki's home, with Kohane and Kotetsu later scrambling to finish their summer homework.

With the tournament and summer vacation behind them, the girls now adjust to a brand new semester. As Kohane and the others gather in the AV room for club activities, Ms. Inukai rushes inside, lamenting how she had just been chosen to lead the Sports Festival Committee, further piling up her responsibilities. The girls invite her to join them in physical exercises to help soothe her mind, which manages to help her gain confidence in her new role.

Several days pass, and Ms. Inukai is given word that her proposal for the sports festival - the inclusion of a two-team cheer performance - was accepted.

Chapter List

No. Quick Description Timeline Magazine Issue
Pro. Kotetsu invites the girls to an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet in the city.
(Pgs. 2 - 8)
* N/A
22 The Cheer Club obtains a request from an over-stressed Manga Club to become their work monitors.
(Pgs. 9 - 20)
* December 2017
23 While training at a dojo, Hizume makes an attempt at opening up to Kana.
(Pgs. 23 - 34)
* January 2018
24 As the Summer Festival approaches, the girls continue their training and attempt the Shoulder Straddle.
(Pgs. 37 - 48)
* February 2018
25 Wanting to buy new cheer costumes for the competition, the Cheer Club become part-timers at a coffee shop.
(Pgs. 49 - 60)
August March 2018
26 Kohane and the others head to the cheer shop again, only to have a chance encounter with Hizume's former teammates.
(Pgs. 63 - 74)
* April 2018
27 The Cheer Club arrives at the arena for the cheer competition and begin rehearsal.
(Pgs. 77 - 86)
* May 2018 (1/2) (Double Feature) [1]
28 The competition continues as Kohane and the others perform as Entry #16.
(Pgs. 87 - 98)
* May 2018 (2/2)
29 Kohane and Uki invite the rest of the Cheer Club to Uki's house to relax and reminisce.
(Pgs. 99 - 108)
* June 2018 [2]
30 The girls attempt to cheer Ms. Inukai up after being forced to lead the entire Sports Festival Committee.
(Pgs. 111 - 118)
September July 2018

Characters Introduced


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