The second tankobon of the Anima Yell! manga series was released on January 27, 2018. It features panels that were published from the March 2017 to November 2017 issues of Manga Time Kirara Carat. [1][2]


The Cheer Association finally welcomes their fourth member, Kotetsu Tatejima. Timid and shy in appearance, but scathingly honest and blunt at times, the out-of-shape Kotetsu undertakes her first physical fitness test administered by Hizume, but gives up halfway. Kohane and the others give her the nickname, "Kotecchan", despite Kotetsu hating her own first name.

Shortly after, the president of the Kaminoki High Home Economics Club asks the Cheer Association to help judge their food in preparation for a cooking contest. Having been recommended by Kon, the club president misunderstands the purpose of the Cheer Association, and, like Kon, assumed that they could fulfill any type of request. Although far from being a cheer request, Kohane and the others decide to take on the assignment. As a reward for their assistance, the club president gives the association a thank-you meal, which was actually an idea requested from the president of the Basketball Club as an appreciation for previously supporting the team.

Seemingly caught in a cycle of good luck thanks to the Basketball Club, the girls suddenly receive their second cheer request. This time, a parent of one of the girls who attended the basketball game, a special events committee member in their community, is requesting that they perform during the opening ceremony of an event. After agreeing to help, Hizume decides that the girls should now include formations and stunts in their cheer performances, and assigns stunt positions to the four: herself and Kotetsu as bases, Uki as a backspot, and Kohane as the flyer. After practicing, they head to the event and perform their routine, which involved Kohane attempting the Double Thigh Stand.

With Kohane volunteering to take the flyer position for Kotetsu's sake, a feeling of guilt eventually wells up from within Kotetsu. Having just learned of Kohane's fear of heights, Kotetsu makes an attempt to lose weight in order to replace Kohane and save her from potential misery. At the same time, Kohane reveals to everyone that her fear of heights was the result of a fall that had put her in the hospital. Seeing the sadness in the eyes of her parents and friends near her hospital bed, Kohane developed her fear from witnessing the emotional pain she had inflicted upon them that day. But despite all this, Kohane vows to work hard to overcome the fear and remain as the association's flyer.

Although two months into the first semester and still one member short of being an official club, the Cheer Association would nonetheless continue its activities, which included a visit to a cheer shop in the city — a place considered "heaven" for Kohane. Afterwards, Hizume performs a solo demonstration in the school hallway while wearing her cheer uniform, both to advertise for the association and to soften her seemingly "cold" image among her peers. The Cheer Association would also receive their third official cheer request, involving the soccer team that Uki's little brother, Akane, plays in.

Time passes, and the Basketball Club is now participating in the prefectural tournament. All of its members unanimously request the support of the Cheer Association again, to which the girls accept. However, Kohane, Uki, and Kotetsu are suddenly stalked and harassed by a girl named Kana, who hates the idea of her sempai — revealed to be Hizume, a former teammate of hers — performing alongside amateurs. When Kana bumps into Hizume, she nervously flees from the group, allowing the Cheer Association to focus on their next performance. But on the day before the tournament, Kana confronts Uki on the school roof, demanding to know again the reason why Hizume is cheerleading alongside them. In her anger, Kana accidentally slips in a puddle of water and Uki breaks her fall, saving Kana from injury, but spraining her own ankle in the process.

When the day of the prefectural tournament arrives, the Cheer Association assembles in the arena, but with Kana volunteering as a substitute for Uki. As they perform, Kohane and the others are amazed at the skill and gracefulness of the experienced Kana. At the same time, Kana is transfixed on her old cheer partner, having just witnessed the once always-gloomy Hizume smile and actually having fun as she performs. Near the end of the game, Kana realizes that as long she is with Hizume—a girl whom she always admired from afar—Kana could share in the same joy together as cheerleaders. Kana suddenly screams to the astonishment of everyone in the arena, and completes her final routine with all of her strength. She then immediately walks up to Hizume and asks if she could join them.

With the game now concluded, Kana arrives in the AV room and signs the application to join the Cheer Association. Kohane and the others graciously accept her, and are overjoyed in knowing that with Kana as their fifth member, they can finally become a full-fledged club. Hizume nominates Kohane to become the president, and they eventually convince Ms. Inukai to become their advisor. The Cheer Association would now become the Cheer Club.

Chapter List

No. Quick Description Timeline Magazine Issue
Pro. The Cheer Association attempts to test the newly-admitted, albeit physically unfit, Kotetsu.
(Pgs. 2 - 8)
* N/A
12 Kotetsu receives a welcoming party from the association and is given a nickname.
(Pgs. 9 - 14)
* March 2017
13 The Home Economics Club asks Kohane and the others to assist them by taste-testing their food.
(Pgs. 15 - 24)
June [3] April 2017
14 An invitation to perform at a community event gives the Cheer Association the opportunity to perform their first stunt; stunt roles are assigned.
(Pgs. 27 - 36)
* May 2017
15 The Cheer Association performs at the community event and Kohane attempts the Double Base Thigh Stand.
(Pgs. 37 - 46)
* June 2017
16 Kotetsu attempts to lose weight in order relieve Kohane from being a flyer; Kohane reveals the reason she is scared of heights.
(Pgs. 47 - 56)
* July 2017
17 The girls visit a cheerleader shop in the city; Hizume asks everyone for advice on how to become more approachable to her classmates.
(Pgs. 59 - 72)
* August 2017
18 The Cheer Association supports Akane's elementary school soccer team.
(Pgs. 73 - 84)
* September 2017 [4]
19 As they prepare for the Basketball Club's Prefectural Tournament, the girls are suddenly stalked by Hizume's former teammate.
(Pgs. 87 - 98)
July October 2017
20 Kana substitutes for Uki during the Cheer Association's second performance for the Basketball Club.
(Pgs. 99 - 110)
* November 2017 (1/2) (Double Feature) [5]
21 After Kana joins the four, Kohane and the others decide to establish the Cheer Club. They then ask Ms. Inukai to become the club's advisor.
(Pgs. 111 - 118)
* November 2017 (2/2)

Characters Introduced


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