The first tankobon of the Anima Yell! manga series was released on February 27, 2017. It features panels that were published from the April 2016 to February 2017 issues of Manga Time Kirara Carat.[1][2]


Middle school student Kohane Hatoya is always happy to help people in need, but usually at the cost of injuring herself in the process. Her childhood friend, Uki Sawatari, worries that Kohane's compassion for others threatens her safety, and begs Kohane to consider her own needs as well.

As they approach their middle school graduation, Kohane stumbles upon a group of cheerleaders performing in public. Kohane barges into Uki's home and announces that she wants to do "chair" as a way of inspiring others. Uki figures that cheerleading is a perfect (and safer) fit for Kohane, and suggests that she check out their high school's cheer club — although Uki simply assumed one existed. Taking her friend's advice, Kohane hastily learns everything she can about cheerleading, and arrives at their high school entrance ceremony only to learn there was no cheer club.

Although Kohane's first day at Kaminoki High had begun in disappointment, she quickly finds hope after meeting Hizume Arima, one of the girls she saw cheerleading weeks back. Convinced it was fate that they met, Kohane decides to start a cheer club of her own and tries her hardest to get Hizume to help. But Hizume no longer wants anything to do with cheerleading after a falling out with her old team. Kohane, who has a fear of heights, then performs a dangerous stunt from atop a tree in order to prove she can trust Hizume and her abilities. After breaking her fall, Hizume finally agrees to join Kohane, and promises to teach her how to properly become a cheerleader.

Although still needing three more members to become an official club, Hizume nevertheless begins training Kohane rigorously after school; testing her flexibility, endurance, and even her pom-pom making skills. Eventually, Kohane tries to get Uki to join, but her embarrassment of wearing short, frilly clothes prevents Uki from even considering it. But after being invited to watch Hizume perform an inspiring cheer routine above the school roof, Uki finally gives in and becomes the third member of Kohane's growing club.

After a short hiatus during their school exams, which involved helping the absentminded Kohane study, albeit unsuccessfully, the three of them continue training. As an unofficial club, they find it increasingly difficult to reserve a spot to practice, given that every ideal location in school is reserved for actual clubs. However, after Kohane discusses the issue with her homeroom teacher, the girls learn that they are able to start an association, which, unlike a club, gives them only limited jurisdiction within their school. Nevertheless, the girls are now able to officially reserve a spot to practice their cheerleading — the old AV room.

Thus, the Cheer Association was formed, and the three of them begin searching for more members and taking cheerleading requests. Two of Kohane and Uki's classmates, Kon Akitsune and Kotetsu Tatejima, respond to their school flyer. Seemingly due to the wording on Kohane's flyer, Kon misunderstands the point of the association and had instead come in for relationship support. Kotetsu, on the other hand, is genuinely interested in cheerleading, but lacks the confidence to join. At the same time, the Basketball Club's president requests the support of the Cheer Association at their next exhibition game.

After preparing for their very first cheer performance, Kohane, Hizume, and Uki don their hand-made cheer outfits, and head to the game. Kotetsu is in the audience, and is still unsure whether she should join them. But after their first showstopping performance, the Cheer Association would finally receive Kotetsu as their fourth member.

Chapter List

No. Quick Description Timeline Magazine Issue
Pro. Prologue to the series, where Uki and Kohane are middle school students.
(Pgs. 2 - 6)
One year earlier. N/A
1 Somehow by fate, Kohane runs into a veteran cheerleader at their high school. Kohane then decides to start her own cheer club.
(Pgs. 7 - 16)
March/April April 2016
2 Kohane pressures Hizume into helping her start up the Cheer Club.
(Pgs. 17 - 26)
* May 2016
3 Hizume continues to avoid Kohane. After Kohane performs a dangerous stunt, Hizume finally agrees to join her.
(Pgs. 27 - 36)
* June 2016
4 Under Hizume's guidance, Kohane begins physical training as a cheerleader.
(Pgs. 39 - 48)
* July 2016 [3]
5 Fearing that Kohane might give up cheerleading from overtraining, Hizume temporarily alters their training to make pom poms.
(Pgs. 49 - 58)
* August 2016
6 Kohane and Hizume attempt to sway Uki into joining them as a cheerleader.
(Pgs. 59 - 68)
* September 2016
7 In preparation for school exams, Kohane undertakes academically rigorous training by Hizume.
(Pgs. 69 - 78)
May October 2016
8 Although lacking the required five members to form a club, Ms. Inukai helps the girls form a school association.
(Pgs. 79 - 88)
* November 2016
9 The Cheer Association is formed; Kohane's classmates, Kon and Kotetsu, are both interested in the group and decide to pay a visit.
(Pgs. 89 - 98)
* December 2016
10 After failing to recruit Kon, the girls focus their attention on convincing Kotetsu to join the Cheer Association. They then prepare for their first cheer performance.
(Pgs. 99 - 108)
* January 2017
11 The girls arrive at the gym to support the Basketball Club. Kotetsu finally joins the Cheer Association.
(Pgs. 109 - 118)
* February 2017

Characters Introduced


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